Intumescent Painting

Batavon Steelwork Intumescent Painting

‘Fireproof Painting’
Protective coatings for steel can have a number of functions, one being fire protection. Intumescent coatings have been developed to protect structural steel in a fire situation. The components in intumescent paint react in the intense heat of a fire to swell many times the initial thickness applied producing a carboneous char. This layer of char insulates the steel limiting its temperature rise. When steel reaches 400°C it starts losing its strength and the rate increases the hotter the steel gets.  Intumescent paints have been developed to provide up to 120 minutes fire protection for a building to allow evacuation of people and thus potentially saving many lives.

Batavon steelwork can offer fireproof painting of up to 1 ½ hours. All steelwork is sprayed in house and delivered to site fully protected for site installation. All steelwork is DFT tested and is supplied with the relevant certification.